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This is a portrait shot using a 70-200mm Canon lense. The picture was taken during the snow in early April 2008. The location was in Jesus Green. The blur image of the big tower behide the girl is St. John's tower which is standing tall and is clearly visible from the park.

Big Ben

This is an image of the famous Big Ben in London. The image was taken using 350D Canon with 24-70mm L f/2.8. The colour were adjusted to give a warm feeling. The contrast of the cloud behind were increased to create visible texture.


This was taken while I visted Montréal, Canada in July, 2008, for the combustion symposium. Several shots were stitched together in order to cature the whole perspection.

King's College Chapel

This is one of the most famous attraction in Cambridge. About 7 shots were stitched together to create the panoramic view of the chapel. However, due to the Sun on the left create a fairly strong light on the right of the image it was very difficult to adjust the balance of light between the left and right.

Full Body Portrait

A full body portrait of about right composition and posture. This is one of my favourite photos. Using extra low saturation for yellow and green colour, it grays out the bushes background and creates a distinction on the subject. This is also one of my favourite technique.

Olympic Stadium in Canada

Due to the perfect lighting condition, the sky shade beautifully from deep to light blue which is something very rare for photos taken by Canon camera. Several photos were stitched together because it was impossible to captue the whole image using 24-70mm on 1.6 factor camera.

Low Light Portrait

This photo was taken in the London underground using the hightest possible ISO on Canon 350D. The original image was noisy but the composition looks very good. The noises were removed from the image using Photoshop.